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Summer Science Camp--2020.    Canceled due to Covid-19.


Summer Science Camp is geared for 4-7 year olds (Kindergartners, first graders & children from other preschools are welcome), and will promote vital skills of cognitive thinking, cause and effect relationships, large and small motor skills, creative thinking and love and familiarity of science.

Science Camp sessions are filled with many hands-on scientific experiments such as the "floating paper clip" and the "disappearing coin trick". Is it magic? No, it's science!!

Each day your child will bring home experiments to re-create for you!


Science Camp is Awesome!  

AIR CAMP:  (It's Air-mazing!) Canceled due to Covid-19.

Location : Rosie's Preschool
14801 164th Place NE, Woodinville, WA 98072

WATER CAMP: (All about WATER~It's H2 O!!!!)
Canceled due to Covid-19.

Camp Fee Per Child:

Each child's 1st session is $185.00 & includes a personalized tote bag.
Each additional session is $180.00 for the same child.


Science Camp Registration and Emergency Contact forms are available as .pdf files to download and print out. Please submit a completed registration form with the non-refundable* camp fee of $185.00 (endorsed to "Rosie Short"). 

Please email Rosie for a Science Camp registration form.  rosiespreschool@gmail.com



What Parents Are Saying About Science Camp:

"My son LOVED Rosie's Science Camp...Every day after camp he would ponder what he learned and experiment with what he brought home. Months later, he still talks of magnetic poles and balancing and other topics he learned. He can't wait to take at least one camp next summer. I highly recommend it for any curious child (and aren't they all?!)."
"My daughter came home from camp everyday excited to show me her new experiments and to teach me something new. It was amazing to me how many scientific concepts my four year old could learn in such a short time."
"My son comes home from Science Camp with a twinkle in his eye and wonder at the amazing world at his fingertips."
"Science is an obvious passion for Rosie...Our daughter had a great experience at the "Sampler" camp and I recommended them to friends from other preschools."
"Rosie is great! My kids came home asking if we are having H20 for lunch."

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