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Enthusiastic Endorsements!

“Thank you for the truly amazing, heartfelt, and important work you do.  My daughter has just finished her first month of kindergarten and she is doing SO WELL!

The confidence she has now is in large part due to your loving nurturing structure and guidance.  She is comfortable in kindergarten because of the familiar concepts they are working on such as:  Learning Without Tears, calendar, stations, sitting on the rug, and listening.

I am so grateful to live where you live, and where you choose to share your gifts.  In a world that often forgets to stop and think about beginnings and how important they are, I am grateful to know a person who dedicates their time to giving children the best”.

"The experience my girls had at Miss Rosie’s was more than I could have asked for. Rosie is an amazing educator who truly understands early learning and how to prepare children for kindergarten. She honors children for who they are and then helps them grow and learn how to be thoughtful members of her “preschool family”. Both my daughters blossomed under her care and were enthusiastic about going to school. As both a kindergarten teacher and a parent, I was pleased that Rosie emphasized social skill development and school readiness skills. My girls were well-prepared for kindergarten knowing how to work in a group, problem solve with peers, take turns and participate in a classroom environment. What a gift!"
"We love Miss Rosie's preschool! ...our children are prepared for kindergarten in every way. She has instilled in both my children the attitude that learning is an adventure."
"Our experience in Mrs. Rosie's preschool has been more than I could have asked for! Mrs. Rosie's preschool is a gem, a diamond in the ruff. I researched many preschools, even had my daughter attend one before pulling her out to attend Mrs. Rosie's. As an Occupational Therapist working in school districts, I feel like Mrs. Rosie "get it". She understands all aspects of childhood development more than any other teacher I have met. Her focus on fine motor skills and developmentally appropriate activities to foster social, emotional, and academic readiness is outstanding! My daughter is more than ready for kindergarten and I feel confident in knowing that she has the best foundation to be successful and develop a lifelong passion for learning, all thanks to Mrs. Rosie!"
"The creative take-home projects that Rosie invents are so appealing that the child talks about the project, and they are filled with such pride of knowledge that they are motivated to explore the theme further at home. Rosie’s enthusiasm about each theme is very catching to the child; our son comes home with a full dialogue about the theme, then concludes with “I wonder what we are going to do tomorrow at Rosie’s!” Rosie is very professional, she has the respect of the children, is attentive and engaging with the parents, the whole package is there, this is a top-rate school!"
"I love the way Rosie thinks. She creates a hands-on learning environment for my child. My child gets to fully experience every subject Rosie teaches through art, stories, music, and experiments. Rosie inspires a passion for learning."
"Rosie Short has a gift with children. She gains the attention and respect of the shy, the inquisitive and the active child alike. She encourages and shows the children how to be their best. Your child will be excited to come to preschool, will be well-prepared for kindergarten and will want to come back to ‘visit’ for years to come."
"I love all the projects and activities that Rosie's Preschool offers. My son will break into song throughout the day with cute songs he has learned at Rosie's. He also learns about so many different things, for example, the other day he looked at the window and told me that the clouds in the sky were cirrus. I agreed because I didn't know! One of my favorite things he has learned at Rosie's (and that we use frequently): "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"
"We adore Miss Rosie’s preschool. Miss Rosie has managed to strike the perfect balance between learning and play. We are delighted at the topics she covers during circle time. Our son does fantastic projects and even comes home wanting to teach his younger brother manners! Miss Rosie’s preschool is a great way for children to start their education."
"Our daughter Claire is always excited to go to preschool!...There are a lot of preschools out there but few that can match Miss Rosie’s small class size, nurturing environment, and her experience in “classroom management” which allows great learning to happen! Miss Rosie is also a pro at individualizing the education for your child’s needs. You just can’t beat 20+ years of experience coupled with someone who truly loves children and teaches them well."
"...Rosie is very strong in art and science: two subjects I believe are critically important for childhood development. I’ve seen these influences throughout her lessons... Another benefit of Rosie’s Preschool and very important to us personally, is Rosie’s unique outlook on multi-cultural and multi-abled children. Rosie explained wheelchairs and how and why people use them and it was brilliant! Zoe is great when she sees someone is a wheelchair! She makes appropriate comments and asks smart questions...Thank you Rosie for including these kinds of 'life lessons' in your curriculum."
"Miss Rosie’s preschool truly is one of a kind; it is everything a preschool ought to be, a perfect place for kids to be kids and have fun, while also learning about routines and structure, the world around them, and how to be socially competent, all at an age appropriate level. Miss Rosie prepares kids for Kindergarten so that they are conceptually and behaviorally ready, however, she doesn’t attempt to cover the Kindergarten curriculum ahead of time and instead allows kids to develop competence in areas that are relevant to and appropriate for preschoolers. And she does it in such a way that the kids are so excited about learning new things, it is amazing to see how much the kids learn and how they truly understand and can proudly explain what they have learned - the water’s life cycle, for example. The program is so well thought out and fine-tuned perfectly, it is clear that Miss Rosie has many years of experience and an obvious enthusiasm for what she is doing. There is a reason why Miss Rosie’s preschool is so well loved and has such a good word of mouth – once you experience this preschool, you cannot imagine enrolling your child anywhere else, we truly couldn’t envision a better preschool for our daughter. Thank you, Miss Rosie for such an extraordinary preschool experience!"
"Thank you for sharing your amazing teaching gifts with the world! We are so blessed to have found you- our son loves school and you so much! We are forever grateful."


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