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Curriculum & Preschool Goals 2020-2021

Preschool Goals:

Whet each child's thirst and love for knowledge!
Create a hands-on learning environment through art, stories, music & experiments.
Develop confidence in themselves and an enthusiasm for school in a loving & caring atmosphere.
To feel comfortable trying new things and know that making mistakes is part of learning.
To develop socialization skills-  good manners, cooperation, friendship, how to share, negotiate, and take responsibility for their actions.
To express feelings, including anger and frustration, through words rather than actions.
To make independent choices and attempt to solve their own problems.
To pay attention, follow directions, & ask questions if they don't understand.
To provide lots of opportunities to read books, link words and letters (language development).
Physical Development of the large and small muscles.
To enter kindergarten confident, ready to learn, and well prepared for the kindergarten experience.

A monthly newsletter and song sheet is sent home to keep parents up-to-date on learning experiences at preschool.

A Sample Preschool Day:

Creative movement, outside play, games, and basic gym skills throughout the day 
Concept Time (thematic based curriculum - see below)
Free Choice/Art
Learning Center, Letter writing, Introduction to Phonics

Curriculum (Thematic Based):

Pre-K 4/5 year olds:
Weather and the Elements
Native Americans
Jobs in our Community
Plants and Seeds Grow
Cowboys & the Old West
Farm, Forest, & Sea Animals
Kindergarten Readiness Skills (Rhyming, sequencing, patterning, alike & different)
Calendars (numbers/left to right sequencing)
Introduction to alphabet sounds & numbers with the  "Get Set for School"* pre-k curriculum from the experts at Handwriting Without Tears®**
Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation & Parent/Teacher Conferences
Introduction to Phonics

* "Get Set for School" is a multi-sensory, developmentally appropriate, hands-on learning approach for teaching reading readiness, writing, language, literacy, numbers, and math. Check-out their series of short videos at www.getsetforschool.com/videos

** Handwriting Without Tears® aims to make legible and fluent handwriting a skill that students can master easily. See more of what it does and why it works at www.hwtears.com

Other kinds of learning activities we incorporate:

Art : Tempera Paint (easel, splatter, squish), watercolor, collage materials, playdough/clay, gluing, cutting, chalk, glitter, crayon melt and many other mediums.
Stories: Flannel board, Flip Card, Puppets, Books, and Action (children join in).
Music: Songs and finger plays.
Learning Centers and Manipulatives: Puzzles, anagrams, pegs, beads, games, blocks, housekeeping, dress-ups, lego's, gears, hammering, texture tub, racing mountain, driving area, tent, and more.
Gross Motor Skills:  Creative movement, outside play, games, and basic gym skills. Hap Palmer, My Playful Scarf, Bridges & Boats, parachute fun and more.


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